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‘The British Collective’ Behind the scenes..

Behind The Scenes with The British Collective ‘A British Soul Renaissance’

The British Collective are bringing together decades of experience, millions of record sales, innovative vocal techniques direct from the Recording Studio, to the airways, TV, and on stage. The artistic influences created by this British Soul movement has come full circle ‘In a Conversation with’ DeepertheBeats, discussing music culture, mentoring, education, during their rehearsal time, at a London Studio prior, to their performance at the ‘Children in Need Event’ for Tony Blackburn’s Soul Night Out.

We are currently witnessing a return to the styles of Soul music, that intrinsically dominated the airways during the late 70’s and 80’s. The band share a firm bond in cultivating a positive identity, that will hopefully create a strong musical awareness, bringing a return to the original RnB methodology that is rich in melodic chord structure. The British Collective take us back to the Motown and DooWop generation and cleverly blend with the new smooth grooves. Listen again to their traditional innovative singing styles that, originate from Gospel, Reggae, Jazz, Soul and traditional African Beats.
The descriptive words ‘Dance Music’ ‘Urban’ ‘Black Pop’ are being paraded around the Music charts as newly created categories, on radio stations, in Award ceremonies, and in many music chart lists, as mere Industry terms for every Genre of music that may ….potentially have its roots in black culture without giving credit where credit is due!

‘Introducing The British Collective..’

Junior Giscombe A pioneer for UK Soul music, who had the vision to create a universal group, with the catalyst Done E, they are supported by formed a league of gentleman, whose combined talents give rise to some of the best performer and music in the UK!

Junior Giscombe
Grammy Award winning artiste, musician and writer, a true Soul Survivor.

There are precious few, if any contemporary UK artists whose creative credentials and influence extend as far and so consistently wide as Freestyle Records’ most recent signing Omar.

Leee John
Celebrating over 30 years in the entertainment Industry, Leee John is the consummate recording artist, writer, record producer, actor, currently in production, and also heavily involved in charity work.

Don-E broke onto the music scene in the 90’s on Island Records with his now classic underground club and sound system smash ‘Unbreakable’ including the Top 20 hit ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’.

Noel Mckoy
The genuine godfather of British soul, singer-songwriter with a voice like honey who’s long and distinguished career has seen him working with some of the biggest names. His music is a collection of soul, gospel, funk and Northern soul.

Don E and Junior explained “The British Collective could be the much needed rhythmic force to recover, Soul Music in the UK, heralding a much needed return to original songwriting and quality performances on stage and in the studio”
“Today the generation of artistes, who are producing music, can enjoy a deeper longevity in their work, by continuing to embrace, and share, the wealth of knowledge that is available within our communities and our historical heritage”

At present, RnB, Jazz, Reggae and Gospel music is often overlooked, and hidden during Award ceremonies and chart success, however the music is still dominating the radio airways today. Last year alone, R&B artists sold nearly 50 million albums and 250 million digital tracks. At present ‘popular’ recording artistes capture a large percentage of mainstream success, with artistes such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, stylish contemporaries who are using melodies that rely heavily on cultural bass lines, and old school soul classics for their intrinsic beats and styles.

Leee John, Omar and Junior discussed the need for more music education available in schools, and within the Industry. By acknowledging the hardworking musicians whose eclectic styles are frequently used to bring character and generate millions of sales we will see a rise in the development of our music as enjoyed by the Bollywood Hit factory. Popular recordings embody Rnb, Reggae, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, and African music, Junior Giscombe also made reference to the fact that “Pop music is making a huge impact on our generation, but they are using, vocal stylings and beats that are steeped with music that has its Roots in Black Culture allowing generations of children to believe that ‘Pop Culture’ created this style and Genre of music.


During a recent video and performance rehearsal, The British collective granted DeeperTheBeats an exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ to share their recent success, and the UK Music scene today.

DTB Thank you all for your time, we are truly honoured to chat to you today!
Your single’Romantic’ has had incredible success, Are you surprised at the outpouring of fan appreciation and respect from the loyal music aficionado’s who have followed your individual music journey over decades?

TBC “The spectrum of music today is broad, with 70’s Funk, Stax Soul systems, Roots Rock Reggae, that’s what we grew up on, the music had formula, and rhythm. If you add the musical wealth of knowledge, talent and artistry that the Iconic musicians in the 50’s and 60’s shared, it is still being listened to revisited, and copied today, think Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley, Al Green, Otis Reading…”
The younger generation today, are talented at re-remixing, putting backing tracks and Urban flavours together, in an extremely competent manner, however they still are not being educated on where the music came from and the History of the music. Record companies want Grime, Pop, without emotion, without real soul, no longevity. We have kept our perspective on the individual qualities, and artistic talent and allowed that personality to flow onto the tracks, each guitar lick, every harmony is handed down from the Legends Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and so many Icon’s and you have to honour that!”

DTB You have a crowd of people outside the rehearsal studios, vying for Press interviews, TV appearances and several fan’s. How do you organise your schedules with 5 impressive artistes? Omar has a new release ‘Make Love not War’ and travelling to Jo’berg, Leee has a huge film project and Charity commitments, we have recently seen Junior, DonE and Noel on TV interviews, radio shows!! … How do you divide the workload and ensure that the original concept behind ‘The Collective’ stays true?

TBC “Keeping true to our musical roots, is something that we definitely take seriously, ensuring high working standards are maintained without exception…No Ego’s!! We are working towards putting the finishing touches to the Album, which will hopefully be ready next year! Appearing on TV shows, It’s hectic, and can be challenging however that’s the nature of this Industry. Diane Dunkley keeps the diaries, schedules and timetables, so with everyone travelling, recording and with the recent success of ‘Romantic’ it is challenging and fun at times, but workable, she keeps us focused on the task ahead.”

DTB Listening to your solid vocal skills, and with the current return to the 70’s Funk styles, Stax, Soul classics, RnB, delivering harmonies with powerful Ballad’s, How do you feel this depth of artistry has impacted upon the Music Industry in the UK, do you think it has had a welcomed effect on the quality and choice of music we are hearing from UK artistes here and abroad?

TBC “There are incredibly talented emerging artistes in the UK, but take a listen to New music released by Estelle, Roachford, Shaun Escoffery, Beverley Knight, also go behind the scenes, check out who is producing, or writing the tracks, dropping beats! Instead we are privy to music that has No substance, No challenges, everyone is a producer or singer in their bedroom and the Industry is buying into this choosing reality TV stars for big contracts. Quantity over the quality of work. The UK is known for producing exceptional inspirational R&B music talent, with a strong work ethic and commitment, as a group.. we intend to focus on promoting the artiste as an individual, as well as coming together as established musicians making a stronger more professional influence in the Industry and back in the charts.
“We must educate ourselves to develop in the business, production and distribution of our music!”

DTB The sound of Soul Music is here to stay, ‘The Collective’ are bringing back timeless harmonies, passionate performances, slick vocal arrangements, having gained impressive reviews, they are no doubt the fathers of RnB Music in the UK..The accolades and nominations will come, The British Collective are ready to beat down the doors, make sure you stay along for the ride when their music comes knocking.

Congratulations to the British Collective.. We cannot wait for the Album to drop and Tour dates!

Thank you Junior, Omar, Leee, Don E, Noel for your time, it was a blast.. from all at DeeperTheBeats HQ

Photo Credits: Kingsley Davies
Interviewer: Cheryl Huggins
Film & Creative Director: Sam’Mama Sam’Davis
Management: Diane Dunkley
Videographer:Filmed by Winstan Whitter

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