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In Conversation with… Mr Greg Edwards

I dont’ make music, I’m just the conduit for it” Greg Edward

Since the late 70’s, and early 80’s and the start of the Marathon all day Soul Festivals, Greg Edwards has held a place in UK Soul music History. From small intimate clubs with Jazz dancers to large dance floors, filled with crowds enjoying the many back to back Soul Anthems, and sequenced line dancing, whilst “Funkin for Jamaica”.

It was hard to believe we were in Kent with the current playlist Reminiscent of the Soul and Funk movement in the 1980’s at the Dunn Cow Pub on the Old Kent Rd in South London and the White Hart in Southall. Mr. Soul Spectrum and Iconic DJ Greg Edwards was in the House…

From Capital Radio, and Jazz fm, Greg Edwards is still one of the hardest working DJs in UK with a large dedicated following. Originally from Grenada, and raised in New York his deep American gravel voice on the airways gathered a huge female following. He influenced many mainstream DJ’s to emulate his debonair style, and vocal performances on air. His unique style of Soul, Funk, and Jazz music included playing a wide selection of artistes from UK and USA and talking to his listeners….  Many musicians attributed their commercial chart success from being promoted on the Greg Edwards Playlists.


DTB spent a few moments with Mr Greg Edwards…..

What are the main musical styles that you listen to now, and how much do they influence your Professional choices at a live performance…

GE   “ I listen to many Genres of music, I played Daft Punk this evening, the crowd really loved it, then I played several Soul Classics, from Phyllis Hyman to Chaka Khan. I try to ensure that I work with other influences to give the crowds the best selection when I play.” “I also love listening to African Beats, and blends from Manu Dibango, the Soul Makosa King and many accomplished world musician’s. Tonight was mainly a mature over 30’s crowd so you play really smooth songs, and Funk for dancing, I play for the crowd always….”

DTB The current Soul Club scene has re surfaced and recreated itself, with many underground 70’s and 80’s Club nights and events encouraging a more mature crowd, from South London to Manchester what do you attribute this to..

GE In my opinion many of the larger venues in the West End, have lost customers leaving Large Venues that were full, empty. The pubs and bars in the City have died, this backlash is leaving numerous local venues able to capitalise by filling the clubs and bringing the music to a mature audience with professional promoters who can organise great Soul events locally.   This generation of Music lovers have young families and appreciate the right music, friendly atmosphere socializing nearer to home, no Car parking issues, all these elements create a great environment for a good night out!!

DTB   What hobbies do you indulge in when you are not playing Music Professionally? Tell us something about yourself, that we are not aware of …

GE Laughs         I love Gardening, Architecture and History

DTB   With the advent of Live performance TV do you believe they can ever find a talent, on Reality TV Shows with the vocal capabilities of Whitney Houston or Luther Vandross?

GE    I can’t stand those talent show’s, I believe a magician should never show the audience how his tricks are performed. The Reality TV shows are specifically designed for entertainment, and ultimate humiliation, they are lacking in quality and promotion of talented musicians! The first original shows capitalised the talented few,  and then proceeded to suck the life out of them…No I don’t watch them.

DTB   Many Club and Radio djs are using more technology to improve their live performances in a nightclub. With computer and Cd’s as a way of enhancing the Club vibe and being spontaneous with the crowd, which format do you prefer to use? And why?

GE   I do use many formats, as many Clubs would have the equipment on the turntables and decks but as a preference I like to use Vinyl, simply because they evoke so many great memories, when I look at an artiste Album cover, I remember where I was, The company I was with, the last time I played a particular song its magical… you can’t recreate that feeling or emotion from a CD or computer screen.

DTB Where is home for you?….

I’ve lived in Hampshire for the last 18 years…

Thank you Mr. Greg Edwards for your time, can we have a quote please?

I have known this man my entire teenage life and was honoured to spend a short time with him. I thanked him for giving me, my Soul Music spirit and being an instrumental part in my Musical Life journey.

Soul Sessions with Mr. Greg Edwards for DeepertheBeats Media at  The Soul Capital Event. Time Machine Promotion.

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