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Review: Adele Live in London, 02 Arena, 16/03/16

Review: Adele Live in London, 02 Arena, 16/03/16

I had mediocre expectations of the Adele concert. I preempted that she would just stand there and sing and that it may be a tad boring. No dance routines, no flamboyant costumes, no back up dancers, no extravagant visuals, no support act. And I guessed correctly, none of the above applied… but it was far from boring. In fact, it was both humbling and surprising. You don’t realise just how spell bounding her voice is until you’re packed into an arena and feel the full force of her range.

Adele opened in the middle of the arena on a second stage singing “Hello”. The entire crowd fell silent to hear her sing the first verse which instantly raised goosebumps. After that, the crowd never stopped singing along. This is where Adele succeeds. She writes songs so relatable that her fans embody the lyrics until they become their own story. After all, every song is about love and heartbreak, something which at some point we have all experienced in some way.

Apart from being able to belt out hit after hit effortlessly, one of the most enjoyable parts of the night was in-between each song. It turned into a somewhat stand up gig. Her south London accent and way with words lightened the mood amongst some of the depressing numbers. After declaring that she “belched” and recently “dropped a baby out of her fanny”, you couldn’t help but think about the scale of her success. She’s just like the rest of us… Minus her unbelievable talent.

On the song “Send My Love To Your New Lover”, Adele told the crowd that she wrote the guitar rift when she was 14. 11 years later, millions of people are listening to it around the world. She also briefly touched on having baby blues and said that she “could die happy now that her son has seen her do her job”. The visuals were incredible and complemented the entire show perfectly. During “Hometown Glory”, a video of London played. It created a sense of territorial pride.

As she made “19”, “21” and “25”, each album has accidentally become a soundtrack to events in women’s lives around the world. I hope that she continues to make music to see through the next chapter.

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She's just like the rest of us... Minus her unbelievable talent

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