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New Music: Cassandra Wilson – ‘Coming Forth by Day’

“A dream of mine is happening, “I’ve been in love with Billie Holiday’s voice since the moment I heard it, and she has inspired me throughout my career.” – Cassandra Wilson

With a career that has seen a prolific body of work in both Jazz and Blues Blue Skies 1988 and New Moon Daughter 1996 which won her a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Performance in 1997. Wilson’s album Loverly in 2008 also won the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album at the 51st Grammy Awards in 2009.

Making a long overdue return to the London concert stage, Cassandra Wilson is an American Jazz vocalist, songwriter, and producer who has expanded the playing field by incorporating vintage blues, country and folk music into her work in fresh and creative ways with homage to the power and genius of Billie Holiday on the centenary of her birth, creating her own response to the legacy of a Jazz legend; her contralto voice ranges are remarkable with a powerful Bluesy and Sultry style. Her music ranges from Swing, Funk to Bossa Nova contemporary and timeless interpretations of standards associated with Lady Day.

The making of ‘Coming Forth by Day’

With the new record, ‘Coming Forth By Day’, produced by Nick Launay and released to coincide with Lady Day’s birth anniversary on Tuesday 7 April, this is Cassandra Wilson at the height of her powers, in a repertoire of iconic songs that give full reign to the sumptuous tones of a signature vocal talent of today.

Cassandra Wilson will be performing at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday 15 November, Royal Festival Hall UK

Congratulations on reaching the #1 Billboard Jazz debut for the track recorded by Cassandra Wilson as a Billie Holiday homage ‘Coming Forth By Day’

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