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Teedra Moses

In Conversation with….Teedra Moses

The Songstress Teedra Moses took some time out of her busy schedule to have a conversation with me ahead of her May tour. Check out the full interview below;

DTB: Want to take you back to Cognac & Conversations because I feel that is your last album. What was the the kind of thinking behind the album and obviously the name itself. How did you come about with that?

Teedra: Its comes to a situation in any project you do with the title was always like where I am at in my life, based on men in life and Cognac & Conversations came around the time my sons were getting older. They had graduated high school and getting ready to go out on their own. And I was just like a free woman. So I was coming from the standpoint of romance. You know really having a love affair with someone.

DTB: So taking your time for yourself?.

Teedra : Well actually taking time to actually indulge in dating. I didn’t do that before and during that time I was starting to date out,as I hadn’t been out there for a while, so more like a mood like you know you meet a guy and maybe it’s just sexual beginning or maybe it’s not maybe just friends, all of the things that you go through in dating.

DTB: I must admit listening to the album, its got that kind of that kind of flavor where there is a bit of a romance, happy vibes tracks as well as romantic tunes and some slow lovemaking tracks so you know there is a bit of a flow through the album. Was that what you were going for, was that your intention?

Teedra : That was the thing you never know how other people are going to grasp it. But that’s how it plays out in your life. And when I’m writing these songs or how it’s playing out so I just put them together how they play out.

DTB: You talk about values and the moments in your life has that always been your kind of musical inspirations.

Teedra : Yeah it’s from personal experience and experiences that I observed or experience I desire to have. It is like it’s always from some perspective of something that has caught my attention. Of course there are experiences that I have that I don’t write about you know. They are not document worthy you know me like whatever. If I see friends going through things or see things happen or even just things that come up in pop culture when you look at those things and then you end up regurgitating your feelings. Basically all we do is songwriting you know are creating period just regurgitating the feelings of what you feel from the experience that you either witnessed or go through.

DTB: I’ve got a couple of friends and obviously they do a lot of songwriting as well and they say the exact same thing it’s all about the experiences what you go through even if it is just you’re watching someone and you see what they’re going through and your portraying your life experiences and trying to get that out there.

Teedra : The thing is really is that if you are portraying your honesty in your experience and most times someone else is having that experience too because it’s real. Real things don’t just happen to like just one person. Not real things are common. Whatever is really in your life as commonly happened with most people. So to me I think it’s not for me my best place or source to go to to write from because most people can relate to that, whatever is real in your life or in another persons life.

DTB: Yeah that’s true. So thinking about that what do you think of the state of music, at this time now because of the music goes through various stages in terms of what is out there now. What do you think of music at the moment, the current music scene.

Teedra : I think it’s in a really really like as far as what I listen to. I mean I can’t speak of the things that don’t listen to because you know that I can have an opinion on that but when I listen to some really cool stuff you know it’s like there are songwriters that are writing from a place that just it’s just really honest and making honest music to whatever their experience is. And normally I can’t feel it when it comes to that place. I know there was a certain period of time where it got really really cookie cutter and it’s not very cookie cutter right now. So that’s the really cool thing is like a lot of artists expressing their true. You know I mean whatever that is their style whatever that is. Especially when it comes to singers right now and songwriters like they’re really coming from a standpoint of if you hear their influences it’s not oh everybody sound one way you know like all the different.

DTB: I know you’ve got a bit of hip hop on your album Cognac & Conversations, you have some Rick Ross in there. Do you know do you listen to hip hop alot?.

Teedra : I used to listen to it more when I was young I can connect with it the kind of hip hop that I listen to is more like alternative hip hop to what is commercial today. You know because I love the rhythm of hip hop music and I listen to a lot of you know I can’t get into any kind of good feeling like even my trappy stuff like that that I can get into it I love the bass heavy I’m from the south so I can get into it but I just really love lyrics as well. And I love extreme creativity. I’m really inspired by you know creativity that comes out of a box you know completely if not in the box of what what is going on right now what people expect from the. There are a lot of artists that I do love. But they might not be as mainstream. So I do not listen to like hip hop and not as much as I used to know when I was younger. I listened to more hip hop than RnB.

DTB: Do you listen to any of the UK artists. I know that you recently had South by Southwest. We had quite a big UK contingency over in terms of portraying you know the UK grime scene. Have you ever listened to any of the grime music coming out of the UK.

Teedra: I have I have you know the crazy thing is I think I’ve been going back and forth to the UK for a while now. What I’m seeing like took and then come back and you like I remember when it was really thriving. I watched it thrive and then kind of like kind of like felt that the backgrounds a little and then watching it come back is really really really cool and I think that there’s a lot of acts in the UK as far as RnB as well. That is so good because it’s not very commercial it’s just good music and a lot of influences from the 90s that it’s really cool to me. Yeah I like a lot of the music is going on in the UK, I think all over. You know I love it all over right now, a lot of people just freely creating they’re not consumed with what people are going to like or what is the way they’re just doing what they love.

DTB: What has been the highlights of your career so far.

Teedra: Having one to start. Having a career to start with, because yo listen this ain’t easy to continue to do. You know since my first album came out 2004 it took forever to even have a second album you know. Granted I put out a lot of mixtapes and EPs and stuff like that but I’m having a having a career like having an album that sustains such long time, a long period of time. Granted I put out all these other music since Complex Simplicity but Complex Simplicity is something that people grow to love daily. It’s like you know the song “Be Your Girl” is remixed probably more than any song, I’ve ever even heard. So it’s like that that’s really cool to me that my thoughts and my feelings be it from Complex Simplicity to Cognac & Conversation to any of my mixtapes. It has staying power. My music has influence that touches people beyond race and gender and age and stuff like that. So that’s the highlight to me that I get to do you know that in itself. Like all who I get to work with and what this what amount of opportunities I get from making music that’s really cool. But the true highlight to highlight is that I’m connecting with people, from so many different demographics and for such a long period of time, and that is just like everything.

DTB: So out of your mixtapes, your albums. What is your favorite track that you’ve written. Also what is your favorite all time favorite track.

Teedra : That is very hard to say as I can’t remember all of the songs I’ve written I have over 100 songs. If you threw all my stuff into a library you know you could listen to me for a week and you wouldn’t hear the same song twice. But but I think because of the strong emotional pull that out and all I always had to this record it was my favorite song and it’s from Complex Simplicity and its the song to my mother.. “Shirley song”. Because it’s just the most honest. Most vulnerable I ever be on the record I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be that vulnerable again. Writing songs and singing songs you know I don’t think I’ve ever performed that song live. I don’t even know if it’s even possible because it is a extremley vulnerable place to come from. And I think that that is the epitome of great art. When you are extremely vulnerable as artists you know and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do that ever again to be that vulnerable. So I guess that’s that’s why that one is my favorite. My favorite song of all time. That is really tough. You know what mean I can tell you that my favorite song right now. First of all I can’t focus very well so I can only tell you right now what I’ve been listening to constantly. Fela Kuti – “Water No Get Enemy” Yeah yeah and that’s like my favorite song right now. It’s just like the rhythm of it what he’s saying you know. The chance of it like this spiritual feeling that record is just so amazing and I just can’t I can’t sit still. You know like that’s my favorite song right now. If you ask me in two to three weeks from now it could totally be something else.

DTB: But that’s the beauty of music in that, when you’re in the mood you kind of think actually you know want to today I’m going to listen to this and that will be your track for a while and then another day you will be I want to listen to this. That’s the beauty of music. Definitely.

Teedra : Yes exactly. I think that’s part of what makes a good album and the I think the art of making the album is something people have shied against or shied away from lately but it’s coming back around. And so I think that’s part of what makes a good album versus a good playlist. Yes playlist is one mood altogether. You know album is all these different moods and I think that’s the art that’s coming back.

DTB: What one thing that you would like to achieve going forward now?

Teedra : One of the things I would like to achieve is to win a Grammy, I would love to win a Grammy. Because even though I’m not I’m the last person you would think that cares about accolade which I really don’t. It’s just that one, you know because that one no matter what is behind the winning of a Grammy or what politics they go into it I feel like when you are a Grammy winner that just puts you in the category of greatness continually forever no matter what kind of music you make you are Grammy Award winning. You know and I think that I think that I think that I make really really great honest music and I think that I perform it honestly. And I think that I have a talent that is natural and raw and I feel like I belong in that category. And that’s something that I definitely want to accomplish.

DTB: So you’re over in the UK in a few days time. What can we expect from Teedra Moses?

Teedra : Well you know my fans in the UK know that I’m always very personal and I’m like come into my living room but I really want on this show too bring some new music. I want to sing some new records. I want to sing some at least some medleys of records. There are songs that people don’t really get to hear because they’re not the most popular in the play list you know or in the show list of what people want to hear you know. So it’s like I want to incorporate. Well I have incorporated you know medleys or something just to give people a taste of this journey. You know more of the journey of my music because I stick to what people want because I understand that a show is not like my album, a show people have paid to come to have an experience. So I give them more of an experience catered to them. But I think that this time around I want to extend more of a curated experience that I want you to have. I mean you’re like you know these records that you might not even know you might have to like leave there and Google like what was she singing.

DTB: You’ve mentioned that you want to do some new stuff. When can we expect a new album?

Teedra : A new album altogether. I don’t know. A new record this year this year and a new song I’m releasing the song we’re Kaytranada this yea, but a new album. I’m in the process of making it and it’s come along really really well but I can’t tell you this is going to be this year next year because I’m just in the process of making. I can’t really give you a date but I love what is happening. It’s funny that we talk about Moods because that’s what its called “Moods” you know all these different you know moods of life all these different feelings that you feel. And you know one minute you’re like super excited the next minute you like you jump over it just like no other.

DTB: Ok. Well thank you very much for talking to me.

Teedra :Great conversation. And I look forward to seeing you when we come to the UK

DTB: I definitely be there. Oh great. Yes thank you very much Teedra. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day?

Teedra : You too, I hope you do the same. God bless. All right. Thank you. Bye.

DTB: Bye.

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