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In Conversation With: Chrisette Michele

While “R&B Divas LA” wraps up filming the third season Chrisette Michele is preparing to release her EP The Lyricist’s Opus on 24th November.

She’s revealed a snippet of the video for one of the EP’s ballads called “Together.” Sonically along the lines of her 2013 single “A Couple of Forevers,” “Together” is a lush love ballad filled with strings and romantic lyrics. The video expounds upon the romance, with blush pinks, ballet dancers, and roses. No wonder this visual is so stunning; it was directed by highly-sought-after photographer Derek Blanks!

Taking time out from her busy schedule DeeperTheBeats sat down with Chrisette to find out what we can expect from her new album.

DTB: Good Morning Chrisette, How are you?
CM: Good Morning, I am fine thank you.

DTB: You have recently come back from South Africa, how was that journey, what was the experience like being out there?
CM: It was really powerful, I experienced the beauty of the people and then some of the history of the people, the beautiful fashion, the beautiful personalities and the incredible conversation..

DTB: How did the crowd accept your music and you?
CM: It was really really intense as it was a humongous audience about 15,000 and they were singing and clapping and their love is really really intense, I was so honoured and grateful.

DTB: That sounds wonderful and very spiritual
CM: Yes it was, It was raining and thundering and Lightening right before I sand and then it stopped right when I went on stage and the people didn’t leave they stayed outside in the rain and sang with me, it was beautiful.

DTB: Moving further on you have over the years had inspiration from Jazz, you did the “Audrey Hepburn – audio visual mixtape” and you have a forthcoming album “The Lyricist Opus”, how did you come up with the title and what is the message you are trying to convey to your fans?
CM: After the Audrey Hepburn mixtape we did an album called “Better” with Motown and although it was really really fun, I wanted to do something on my own, so I hired an Orchestra, String Arranger, horns and we made an album with all live instrumentation, its different in that its all live instrumentation and also that its once piece from the beginning to the end and then its separated by five movements all of different genres.

DTB: The latest single “Super Chris” is phenomenal, I love it
CM: Thank You
DTB: Its quite empowering, I suppose you are talking about yourself quite a lot there [CM laughs] CM: And my insecurities, definitely
DTB: I don’t want to go too much into the R&B Divas show, but reality TV being such a big at the moment, how do you think being on the show has changed you as a person.


CM: It made me a lot stronger, it made me realise that relationships take time and you actually have to give them that and since we began filming for the next season, things are different, things have changed, things have evolved. So I can’t wait for everybody to see, but I had to let the show before me, I had to allow myself to learn each girl and forge a relationship with each of them in real life and not worry too much about people’s opinions. As they don’t really know how we really interact by seeing us for 10 min, so I can’t wait for the 3rd season to come out its going to be really great.
DTB: That’s really true, as you say people see you on TV for 5 – 10 mins and they make an opinion about how you are but they don’t know you as a person.

DTB: You have done a lot of collaborations with various artists from Jay Z to Nas, Robert Glasper, 2 Chainz and Bilal. What artist out there, that you are thinking yeah, I would love to do a collaboration with them.
CM: There are a few, but a couple that stick out are Lianne Le Havas and Little Dragon that would be really fun. I listen to them everyday.

DTB: What’s next for you, what’s on the Agenda?
CM: TV show and then I am doing a lot of shows and then coming to the UK to sing for you guys, but the next thing is the “Lyricist Opus Tour”. I have opened up a record label its’ called “The Rich Hipster” and I have signed 2 artists, so they will be coming out with me on tour and we will be having an orchestra and that’s the beginning to the end of January 2015.

DTB: We are looking forward to you coming over to the UK and giving us a killer show.
CM: Thank You.

DTB:I wanted to ask about your love of tattoos. You have quite a few, do they have significant meanings?
CM: I take such a long time and I think about every single one of them, there are so many most of them are about freedom and self-expression, the Audrey Hepburn one is about humanitarism, lady like behaviour some of the things I feel are lost in our society today. I have an angel of myself on the inside of my left arm, which is really “Super Chris” my alter ego and then my angel wings on my back represents freedom, but then again I have things like bows on the back of my legs which is kind of girlie and fun and some are just art.

DTB: What is the most memorable moments of your musical career and life to-date?
CM: There are so many, Oh there are so many. Maybe one of my favourites has to be at Madison Square Gardens, its where every New Yorker wants to sing.

Chrisette has recently released the visual for “Together”, which you can check out below;

DeeperTheBeats recommends that you catch her at the O2 Academy Islington in London on Sun 7 Dec 2014, 19:00. The “Opus” Tour begins in San Francisco on the 22nd January 2015.

Photographer: Derek Banks
PR: Christy Black
Interviewer: Ray Huggins

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