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Floetry Reunion ‘SoulFul VIBES!’

2015 Floetry Reunion Tour U.S.

“Wow !! It was sooo AWESOME to experience Floetry back together, they did not miss a beat!”

“Floetry was amazing! so glad they are back!”

“One of the best live performances I’ve ever seen! Very talented group.”

Speculation of a Reunion occurred when Marsha Ambrosius brought ‘Floacist’ Natalie Stewart on stage at a London performance that left everyone speechless…

The UK Neo Soul duo have embarked upon their Reunion Tour in the US they kicked off with dates in Cleveland Ohio on the 17th June, taking the much-anticipated tour to several states including Denver, New Orleans for the Essence Festival, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York. The Grammy nominated artistes fuse, Poetry, Spoken word with Funk Soul and Reggae sensual vocals,
“Poetic delivery with a musical intent”. As respected singers and songwriters they have made their mark, with outstanding solo careers and songs penned for the Legendary Michael Jackson, Neo-Soul artistes Jill Scott and Bilal they did not disappoint.

Floetry – Say Yes

Nearly a decade has passed since Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart recorded together, but the FLOW was evident in every nuance, and spoken word on the stage, the crowd loved the style, and the delivery of their strong impressive aura and dynamic vocal performance.

Floetry are reunited in musical harmony, with most of the venues SOLD OUT, the Songstress Marsha and The Floacist Natalie knocked the crowd for 6..delivering high energy beats.
Tracks like ‘Say Yes’, ‘Floetic’ ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Butterflies’ were filled with a new passionate artistry, from the superbly talented queens of UK Neo-Soul.

Inspirational Raw Spiritual Vibes, oozed from the stage and permeated each note, and audience member, we pray that they announce forthcoming UK Tour dates very soon…
What more can we expect from Floetry?
AN ALBUM…I hear you say, their Tour dates should be on your MUST SEE concert list for 2015.Congratulations Natalie and Marsha your UK army of fan’s await announcements! #StayTuned

‘Floetry’ 2015 Reunion Tour.

Photo Credit:David Kay

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